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As author Julia Cameron advises in her book The Artist’s Way, I try to find time to take myself on artist dates. I don’t normally get to this once a week as she suggests, but I’d say at least once a month. Last Friday was one of those days. This time, I invited fellow crafter Monica of The Creative Beast to come along. Our destination: CRAFTED at the Port of Los Angeles.


Welcome to CRAFTED!

For those of you not familiar with CRAFTED, here’s how they describe themselves:

“CRAFTED AT THE PORT OF LOS ANGELES is a new concept for Southern California; a large-scale permanent craft marketplace. Our classic World War II-era waterside warehouses will grow to be home to hundreds of individual craft-artists, designers, and artisanal food makers. Each artist presents their unique handcrafted goods in a vibrant patchwork of market stalls. Visitors will be treated to a huge variety of one-of-a kind treasures and have the chance to meet the makers every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday – that’s 52 weekends a year of handmade happiness!”

I mean, what crafter wouldn’t want to go see what this is all about?!

The reason for my visit was two-fold. Obviously, I wanted to check out fellow crafters and their wares. I love a good craft fair as much as the next person! The second reason was informational from a crafting business standpoint. Just what is this permanent craft mart all about, and is it feasible for me to become a part of it? Armed with my camera, notepad and pen, I aimed to find out.

After an hour drive, which isn’t too crazy in southern CA, we arrived ready for action. But… I was starving! Let me just say CRAFTED does a great job of taking care of their patrons. Look what greeted us in the parking lot as we pulled up!

The Reuben Truck!

The Reuben Truck!

CRAFTED has food trucks scheduled every day they’re open for business. Great idea ~ feed the shoppers on the grounds and they won’t feel the need to leave to find food, and possibly not come back. Good thinking, CRAFTED!

After we gorged ourselves on what was quite possibly the best pastrami sandwich I’ve had in southern CA, we were ready to do some damage.

As we entered the main door of CRAFTED, we were greeted by hanging birds and a few red picnic tables scattered about.

At least we know these birds won't attack

At least we know these birds won’t attack

This sign hangs to the right of the main entrance.

This sign hangs to the right of the main entrance.

So nice! And full of information about renting stalls. We also bought a bottle of water from her on our way out for the long drive home.

So nice! And full of information about renting stalls. We also bought a bottle of water from her on our way out for the long drive home.

CRAFTED’s standard stalls are 10’x10’ and 10’×20′, with wall heights of 5’9”. Up to 3 artists can share a stall space, or one artist can represent up to 5 artists total in one space. The stalls must be manned by someone associated with the space during business hours, but CRAFTED takes care of most of the marketing, event planning, and security [find out more on their website here].

There’s quite a bit of variety, although I will say there are a lot of jewelry vendors. I think that’s pretty common at craft marts and fairs though.

Belandaria Designs

Belandaria Designs has some very nice jewelry

We also found food vendors:

Got Salsa

Got Salsa

Baby stuffs:

KidTyme created by Michelle Harvey

KidTyme created by Michelle Harvey

I bought one of Michelle’s handmade burp cloths for my friend who recently had a baby. Great quality and such cute patterns! I had a hard time deciding, but the elephant pattern won in the end. What is it about elephants that are just so darn cute?!

We saw clothing, skin care, baking items, furniture, purses, just to name a few.

These ladies really impressed us:

Nagare and Diva Beads

Nagare and Diva Beads


Jewelry, Knit Wares, Purses and more

Peggy Forrester of Nagare and Tish Pollack of Diva Beads really have their act together. They rent two stalls’ worth of space and the setup is so inviting, we were not only drawn in but stayed and chatted with them for quite a while. As we talked, both women worked on projects and happily showed us some of their favorite creations.

I have to say, every vendor we met was so nice. The place just oozes welcoming craftiness. It’s a very inviting and happy environment. And all the vendors said the same thing ~ they are so glad they have a space at CRAFTED.

We also heard that CRAFTED is working on expanding into the other warehouse, complete with a restaurant! And not only do they offer permanent craftiness, they offer Zumba classes! No joke. They had a sign and everything:



If that isn’t a one-stop shop, I don’t know what is.

All in all, it was a very informative trip. I am very interested to see how CRAFTED grows over the next year. And I am definitely putting it down on my business “plan” for the future. If you haven’t been to CRAFTED yet, I highly recommend checking it out.

If you’re a fellow artist/writer, what are some recent artist’s dates you’ve been on?

What are future ones you have planned?


9 thoughts on “Crafters pastrami Zumba oh my

  1. Great post Kristen! I’m posting our field trip later today, but your post is wonderfully detailed! I will be sure to link back to your post for my readers to get more info and see more pictures, which look great =-)
    My next ‘date’ is my usual knitting night at the Stitch Cafe with my knitting buddies.


  2. Thanks Kristen for a wonderful and detailed post as I’ve been meaning to go and checkout this venue. Not sure if you had heard about the upcoming Etsy event this coming Saturday April 27th at the same location.


  3. I think my whole (small) town would have fit in that place. I love the idea of checking out so many crafts, etc. Stuff like that it great for Christmas presents. 🙂


  4. This place looks so cool! I’ll have to take a visit…does visiting other blogger’s sites on WordPress count as an artist’s date? And what about Book Club? Speaking of which…I better go finish (continue??) My Antonia!


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